Livingston accepting applications for liquor stores

By Michelle Price
UCBJ Managing Editor

LIVINGSTON – You may soon be able to buy liquor at stores in Livingston. The Livingston City Council passed its retail package liquor store ordinance on second and final reading Monday night.

Livingston approved package liquor stores during the June 6 election with 54 percent of the voters supporting the measure.

The board voted to allow liquor stores to open in all four commercial areas in town.  The board set no limit on the number of liquor store licenses available opting to let the free-enterprise system set the appropriate number.

According to City Attorney John Meadows, there are no distance requirements between liquor stores and schools, churches or other public areas. These were eliminated when liquor by the drink was passed.

The city is encouraging applications for locations within the Courthouse Revitalization Square designated area that extends one block in each direction from the courthouse.

Applications are available and can be picked up at City Hall, 301 McHenry Cir., Livingston. For more information, call 931-823-1269.

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