Eagle Works: Teams announced, viewing information

By Michelle Price
Special to the UCBJ

COOKEVILLE – The seventh annual Eagle Works will take to the air on Saturday, April 18 at 2 p.m. streaming live over YouTube. Nine teams will compete for a pot of $20,000 in awards with the winning team receiving $10,000 and the chance to compete at the state level.

In addition, the team whose idea most impacts a rural area will win the $2,500 Rural Reimagined award. The Rural Reimagined award was established to foster innovation and entrepreneurship surrounding Tennessee Tech’s Grand Challenge, Rural Reimagined. The award consists of a $1,500 scholarship and $1,000 of technical assistance from the Tennessee Tech Center for Rural Innovation.

The competition can be viewed by tuning in here.

Teams competing are:

Alpha Tech – A non-profit that specializes in assistive technology and helping students obtain the experience that they need to prepare for their careers.

B-Ready – S-Cubed is a portable, compact, protective shield that will help save lives during severe weather events! The S-Cubed has the ability to provide additional layers of protection from flying debris and blunt force impact which causes the majority of tornado-related fatalities.

Guardian Collar – Guard your pet’s flea and tick prevention collar with the ultimate “Guardian Collar!” Never again worry or waste money on replacing damaged flea and tick medicated collars again.

Intubation Nation – An endotracheal tube with a suction enabled stylet is the future of emergency medicine. We hope you enjoy! We are just trying to save lives, one secured airway at a time.

LIFEstir – LIFEstir is designed to mimic an ordinary stirrer, but unlike a typical stirrer, it is packed with unprecedented technology. Each LIFEstir is infused with a chemical indicator on both sides of the stirrer. The indicator changes color in the presence of one of the two most common types of date rape drug to alter a user that their drink has been drugged. LIFEstir is designed to reduce the statistics of sexual assault.

NeoMaTE – 15,000,000 premature infants are born each year and our current health care practices are doing little to none to provide to adequate skin-to-skin care. With NeoMaTE, the skin-to-skin care follows the infant – regardless of the availability of time, participants, or privacy. Join us in providing these premature infants with all the benefits of skin-to-skin care, from the comfort and safety of their own isolette.

Project: Arctyx – Project: Arctyx is an economical solution to personal climate control. A novel, personal cooling/heating suit designed to alleviate the stresses of working in extreme temperatures.

Serious as a Heart Attack – An interdisciplinary team whose hand-held device, Revolution, will allow clinics and ambulances to measure troponin levels, decreasing the time to diagnose heart attacks.

Working Women Design Co. – A trendy but functional brand for the working woman!

Each team has created a business plan that required the students to conduct research in the areas of problem identification, market size and demand, and customer identification and revenue generation. Also, the teams each created a 7-minute video pitch which communicates their ideas to the judges. 

The competition will feature finalist teams that will compete live in the virtual competition webinar. Judges from engineering, science, business, entrepreneurship and healthcare backgrounds will listen to each of the teams’ pitches, then engage in an interactive question-and-answer session with each team during the competition.  

With the diversity of the competitors, anyone can win this year’s Eagle Works. Tune in to the virtual competition livestream at https://youtu.be/-mIIeSw9jsU.

For more information about Eagle Works, see their website.  

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