Development and agricultural real estate biggest transactions of 2020

By Michelle Price
Special to the UCBJ

COOKEVILLE – Part three of our four-part series on real estate in 2020 focuses on development and agricultural properties. Topping the list was one of the last large agricultural tracts, a 737.29 acre tract. Other parts in a four-part series explore the biggest real estate transactions in commercial, multifamily residential and single-family residential properties in Putnam County.  

Part 1 of 4: Commercial real estate’s biggest transactions of 2020

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Top Development and agricultural transactions of 2020

10.      Olan Maxwell Rd, Baxter 38544 (15.2 acres)       
            Purchase price: $540,000
            Seller: Herb Baugh, Doug Standifer
            Buyer: Donny Meadows
9.        Robinson Ridge Rd, Baxter 38544 (368.99 acres)      
            Purchase price: $600,000
            Seller: Kyle M. Bush, Justin Craig Bush, David C. Bush, Dreama P Bush
            Buyer: Vincent Lee Hamacher and Lawrie Ann Hamacher
8.         Big Mac Dr., Algood 38506 
            Purchase price: $600,000
            Seller: Redus Family LP, Margarret Ann Smith Successor Trustee, James L 
Smith DDS Money Purchase Pen.
            Buyer: Martina Gabriel Trust, Trustee Martina Gabriel
7.         Buffalo Valley Rd, Cookeville 38501(Parcels 84.03. & 84.06)
            Purchase price: $675,000
            Seller: Eagles Landing Ventures
            Buyer: Walnut Village Inc.  
6.         Main Street, Baxter 38544 (71.60 acres) 
            Purchase price: $700,000
            Seller: Sylvia K. Horn and Karen L Stevens
            Buyer: ERB Properties LLC
5.         304, 305, 307, 308, 309, 311, 312, 328 and 330 Greymoor Ln.
200, 209 Greystone Way, Cookeville 38501 (11 lots)
            Purchase price: $748,000                  
            Seller: Justin D Cumby
            Buyer: D R Horton Inc.
4.         Oxford Place., Cookeville 38506
            Purchase price: $850,000
            Seller: Jerry C Gaw and Paul Gaw GP
            Buyer: Windsor Hills Exchange LLC
3.         Willow Avenue South., Cookeville 38501
            Purchase price: $1,000,000
            Seller: Dealmakers
            Buyer: Firstbank
2. 589 Vickers Lane, Cookeville 38501 Purchase price: $1,289,859 Seller: Titan Development LLC Buyer: Phillips Properties Partnership
1.         Mill Creek Rd., Cookeville 38506
            Purchase price: $1,705,000
            Seller: Crystal Jill Cunningham
            Buyer: Meadow Rock LLC

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