Cumberland County EMS launches new tactical EMS team

The Cumberland County Tactical EMS team simulates a forced entry.

CUMBERLAND COUNTY – Cumberland County is the first in the region to form a volunteer Tactical EMS team comprised of paramedics and critical care medics. These individuals are specially trained to go into high-risk environments with law enforcement to provide quicker response time to the wounded or injured. 

Sheriff Casey Cox said, “When EMS Director Miller met with me with the idea of tactical medics attached with the SWAT team, I was extremely interested. If a SWAT operator is injured during an operation, seconds can be the difference between life and death.”

The Tactical EMS team received certification by taking a 16-hour Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) training course given by the United States National Guard. Two members of Cumberland County’s tactical team went on to receive their certifications to be TCCC trainers. This allows Cumberland County EMS to be a training center for these invaluable classes. 

 “Our EMS department continues to be a leader in the Upper Cumberland,” said Cumberland County Mayor Allen Foster. “This new team will work closely with law enforcement in order to deliver medical care on scene as quickly as possible to those in need.”

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department and the Cumberland County Tactical EMS team recently organized a drill practicing multiple hostile scenarios, such as hostage and active shooter situations. This coordinated event allowed the two departments to practice this training together, assess the performance and improve the quality of these lifesaving exercises.  

 “I am very proud of this tactical team and the partnership with Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department and SWAT,” said Cumberland County EMS Director Chris Miller. “This training and partnership will help us provide Cumberland County faster responses of life-saving procedures in dangerous situations.”

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