Cookeville Regional celebrates staff

COOKEVILLE — There’s no doubt these past two years have been challenging for everyone.

But the ones who have been the most challenged are those who are in the healthcare field.

Nurses’ Week is May 6-12. Celebrated every year around Florence Nightingale’s birthday, which is May 12, the week honors the contributions and sacrifices nurses make each and every day. Nightingale is considered the founder of modern nursing.

“Nurses play an important role in patient care,” said Paul Korth, Cookeville Regional CEO. “They are the first connection to the patient. They keep the family informed of that person’s care. They play an essential role in this environment.”

They are there to hold the patient’s hands when family members could not be present.

They also give hope to patients and their families.

And they give hope to each other when it’s needed most.

“The trials these nurses face each and every day are challenging in ways many of us could never understand,” said Chevelle Johnson, vice president, assistant chief nursing officer at Cookeville Regional. “During the COVID surges, they had to dress up in gear that was designed to be worn for a short amount of time. They were exhausted. They were burned out. But they are also resilient.”

They saw a lot of heartache, but also saw a number of happier results.

They were innovative in their care. They showed compassion when times were dark.

But it’s their dedication, perseverance, innovation and their heart that continues to push Cookeville Regional Medical Center forward into the future.

“Nurses do make a difference and they are rooted in strength,” Johnson said.

The theme for Hospital Week 2022 is “We Are HealthCare.” This is an opportunity to highlight the hospitals, health systems and health care workers and innovative ways they are supporting and connecting to their community.

“Cookeville Regional does so much for the community and region,” Korth said. “There are well over 300,000 people in this region. This region has grown, and this hospital has grown to offer world-class healthcare services that you can also get in the big cities.

All healthcare workers are an inspiration with their dedication and commitment to delivering quality patient care.

“Whether you are in a clinical or non-clinical position, your work matters to everyone,” said Korth. “Thank you for what you do.”

Hospital Week video:

Nurses’ Week video:

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