Pictured above – Young golfer Landry Moses works on his game in preparation for the 2023 golf season.

Focus is on game improvement, analytics and providing an opportunity

Cookeville – Bad weather, low temperatures and lack of time are just a few hurdles that keep golfers from teeing it up. 

In most cases, linksters would just call the clubhouse and reschedule the tee time for a sunnier day. But there are those who feel missing a day of training isn’t an option. Cookeville Golf Simulator (CGS), a new indoor golf simulator located at 1999 N Willow Ave., Suite C (in the back of the Martin Signs building), hopes to fill the need of both weekend warriors and competitive golfers alike.

The idea, like most ideas, was born of necessity.

“Like so many weekend golfers in Middle TN, we were looking for options to practice and improve our game during the fall, winter and early spring months,” said CGS Co-Owner Trevor Trahan. “We tried to find a facility locally and realized there wasn’t one here.”

Trahan is a lefty, a fact he said forced a pivot.

“We looked into low-cost options,” said Trahan. “Our main issue with that was my being left-handed. Most cheaper options don’t allow lefties to hit without re-calibrating the system. That is when we decided to invest in a high-end system and offer it to the public to recoup our costs.”

From pivot to progress, the simulator has been a hit thus far, according to Trahan, and he says they are just getting started.

“The feedback has been great so far,” admitted Trahan. “Some customers just want to play a round (we have over 450 courses to choose from). Others want to practice and get detailed data on their swing.”

Analytics is key. CGS uses a QED Uneekor system with three different softwares, Refine, Ignite and TGC to ensure golfers get the numbers they need.

“The system is very advanced, and the information it provides can be customized to meet specific swing goals,” continued Trahan. “Ideally, a client could take the data and videos (it records your swing from three angles) to their coach. But it is also great for anyone just wanting to get swings in before or during the season.” 

Trahan said the goal is to expand and adapt.

“Since our current clients are split 50/50 between those wanting hardcore data-driven practice sessions and those wanting to play a round for entertainment we would like to expand with both customer types in mind we want to add additional simulators as business demands,” said Trahan.

CGS hopes to add other services to the golf community including club fittings, practice sessions, grip replacements and casual golf entertainment. 

“Maintaining a golf improvement focus as our primary business,” said Trahan. “Cookeville Golf Simulator’s mission is to help anyone at any level improve their game and have fun while doing it,” said Trahan.

For more information, visit them on Facebook HERE, message them on Instagram HERE, or call 931-252-4692. Tee times are available by appointment only from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday – Saturday and from 12-5 p.m. Sunday.

Photo courtesy of Cookeville Golf Simulator.

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