Institution has been in business since 1975

McMinnville – Coffee County Bank (CCB) announced today they are breaking ground on their newest location in McMinnville.

CCB has been in business since 1975. In that year, “local business owners decided to pursue an innovative banking solution for Coffee County,” according to CCB website.

The bank received its charter and opened with $1.1 million of capital with Ewing J. Threet as the bank’s first President and Chairman of the board of directors. Carter Sain is current President while Ed Henley holds the position of Chairman of the Board today.

Since 1975, the bank has grown opening a branch in Manchester, Tullahoma and now McMinnville.

“During our expansion, our commitment to the community and our customers has remained the same: Exceptional customer service and products designed to suit every customer’s needs,” says CCB.

For more information, CCB can be reached at 931-728-1975 or email at

Photo via Facebook.

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