Property located on Old Sparta Road and South Jefferson Avenue in Cookeville

Cookeville – Thursday evening, the Cookeville City Council approved, on first reading, the rezoning of property located on Old Sparta Road and South Jefferson Avenue in Cookeville from the designation of single-family residential to local commercial.

Property – 10.44 acres bordered by businesses and townhome development.

The property consists of approximately 10.44 acres. It is bordered by commercial industrial property mixed used to the North and local commercial to the south. XPO logistics sits north of the parcel, a mechanics shop adjacent to XPO and a townhome development on property to the south.

“The future use land use plan designates this area as best used for mixed use commercial industrial,” said director of planning Jon Ward. “The property has approximately 1500 linear feet of street frontage on South Jefferson Avenue and old Sparta Road.”

Ward said with that amount of acreage 145 residential units could be fit on the property, but a sewer request was also submitted, and the water department only approved up to 100 residential units. The rezoning was unanimously recommended by the planning commission.

Councilman Eric Walker made a motion to approve which was quickly seconded by Vice Mayor Luke Eldridge. The motion passed unanimously.

Photo courtesy of the City of Cookeville youtube page.

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