CHC Celebrates 50 years

First Row (Left to Right): Putnam County Executive Randy Porter; Tony Lanier; Jerry Draper; William Jensen; Donna Bowman; Garry Floeter; Sherry Hamilton; Kevin Hamilton; Melissa Chappell; Tiffany Dabbs; Elaine Egan; Misty Walker; Zaida Morrison; George Halford, Chamber President/CEO Second Row (Left to Right): Kathy Dunn, Chamber Ambassador; Darren Wilson, Chamber Ambassador; Tracy Hughes, Chamber Ambassador; Jay Albrecht, Chamber Board of Directors; Donald Morgan; Richard Crabtree; Tom Polite; Chris Powell; Neil Duffield; Daniel Lancaster; Chad Buscher; Scott Chambers; Rick Firestone Third Row (Left to Right): Jimmy Key; Carl Webster; Greg Burchett; Heath Wright; Josh Brewer Fourth Row (Left to Right): Jason Wright; Johnny Hernandez; Jonathan Jones Photo: Jack McNeely, Herald-Citizen

COOKEVILLE – A ribbon cutting was held to celebrateCHC Companies 50 years of service during an open house held on Thursday, April 25. CHC Companies is located at 347 E. Stevens St., Cookeville. For more information, visit or call 931-528-5514.

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