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Cedar Recovery Submits a Good Neighbor Agreement and Community Engagement Plan to Putnam County Officials.

Cedar Recovery, a CARF- accredited outpatient addiction treatment service provider, recently submitted a Good Neighbor Agreement and Community Engagement Plan to local elected officials to demonstrate their commitment to operating as a respectful and beneficial presence in the Putnam County community.

Cedar is scheduled to appear before the Health Facilities Commission on July 31, 2024, to present its CON application for the provision of Opioid Treatment Program (“OTP”) services at 1805 Burgess Falls Road, Cookeville, TN 38506.

“We are committed to being a positive force in the neighborhood,” says Paul Trivette, Chief Strategy Officer at Cedar Recovery. “We understand the concerns that arise when a new facility opens its doors, especially when it involves addiction treatment. However, we want to assure our community that we are here not just to treat patients, but to contribute positively to the neighborhood fabric.”

Cedar Recovery’s commitment plan to quality and community integration includes the following initiatives:

* Community Advisory Board – Cedar Recovery will establish a Community Advisory Board, consisting of seven (7) members, that will meet quarterly to discuss community concerns and share data regarding the program. The seven (7) members, who will be requested to participate will include elected officials, law enforcement, judicial representatives, the hospital, healthcare providers, prevention coalition(s), and other existing treatment programs.

* Patient Monitor – Cedar Recovery will employ a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS), who will ensure patients are compliant with the rules of the facility, including, no loitering inside or outside of the facility.

* Good Neighbor Agreements – On June 20, 2024, Cedar Recovery formally committed in writing to the County to be a good and upstanding member of the community. The facility pledged to implement measures ensuring safety, cleanliness, prevention of loitering, and respectful conduct.

* Open Door Policy – Cedar Recovery will host open house days once per quarter where community members can tour the facility, meet staff, and learn about the services provided.

* Considerate Hours of Operation – Cedar Recovery will operate Monday through Friday from 5am to 11am; Saturdays from 5am to 8am; and Sundays from 5am to 8am. This will limit 931 Elite’s exposure to services being rendered.

* Entrance to Building – Cedar Recovery will position the entrance to the facility in a way that is not roadway facing and away from the surrounding businesses and churches.

* Referrals to Treatment – Cedar Recovery will make referrals to other local treatment providers, as clinically indicated, and agree to receive referrals for treatment. Cedar further commits to not compete with existing local treatment options, including faith-based programs, but rather, collaborate with them to best serve the community.

* Resource – Cedar Recovery will be a resource to the Cookeville Regional Medical Center, primary care and other healthcare providers, prevention coalitions, and other treatment programs in the community.1

* Cedar is dedicated to continuing its positive presence and contributing partnership in the community, a commitment evident from the fact that their existing addiction treatment facility has received zero public complaints. Since 2023, Cedar Recovery has been operating an Office-Based Opioid Treatment facility in Cookeville, serving approximately 200 patients per month.

We are partnering for progress in a compassionate response to a pressing public health issue,” says Joe Bond, CEO at Cedar Recovery. “Our goal is to provide effective treatment, restore hope to individuals and families affected by addiction, and build a brighter future for all in our community. We invite our neighbors to join us in this journey towards healing and recovery, where compassion, understanding, and support are our guiding principles.”

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