Granville Fire Department board approves plan to reduce insurance premiums 15-20%

$85,000 raised since January through memberships, grants, donations; $40,000 additional required

GRANVILLE – Following a reorganization in January, the Granville Fire Department has raised $85,000 of $125,000 required to fund a plan expected to lower fire insurance premiums by 15-20% for Granville residents and businesses. The plan includes recruitment incentives for up to seven volunteer firefighters who will receive a $1,000 stipend upon completion of a rigorous 12-week, 94-hour training program, a $25 stipend for any Jackson County firefighters responding to fire calls in the Granville fire district and purchase of essential equipment. Included is a $40,000 “dollar for dollar” matching grant to close the gap on required investments.

58  new members since January

Since the January reorganization, 58 residents and businesses have paid $100 to become voting members of record. This represents about 11% of homes and businesses in the Granville Fire Department fire district. If only half of the approximately 550 property owners joined as members, that would raise $27,500 a year for the Granville Fire Department.

Becoming a member is not required for a Granville resident or business to be served by

Granville Fire Department. Membership is a way to financially contribute to the Fire

Department and to participate in the election of directors at the Annual Meeting each

January. Regardless of membership status, any residence or business in the Granville Fire Department service area will be responded to in case of fire or request for emergency services.

Early fundraising success

Since the January reorganization, the Granville Fire Department has raised $5,800 in Membership Fees, $1,500 from its annual grant from the Jackson County Government, and $8,500 in private donations and government grants.

In addition, Wildwood Resort and Marina has made a grant in the amount of $70,000 over three years, including $10,000/year for three years ($30,000 total) to fund firefighter training and call pay stipends and a one-time gift of $40,000 which represents a 50% matching grant for the purchase of essential equipment.

“Having a well-resourced fire department in Granville is a paramount concern of everyone in the Granville community,” said John Deane, owner of Wildwood. “We hope this will inspire others in the community to contribute knowing every dollar they give will be matched by this grant.”

Recruiting volunteer fire fighters

To support and encourage qualified volunteers to become trained firefighters, the Wildwood grant provides for up to seven firefighters to receive a $1,000 stipend upon completion of the required 94-hour training course, as well as a $25 stipend for each Jackson County firefighter responding to fire calls in the Granville fire district. A lower stipend ($500) is available for fire truck pump operators who complete 16 hours of training. This grant is for three years and applies to the existing three Granville Fire Fighters that have already been trained as well as new recruits.

Interested volunteers should contact Chief Scott Nicholas at 931-310-5824 or via email at for more information and an application.

GFD plan expected to positively impact ISO rating

Insurance Services Office, Inc. (or “ISO”), is a provider of the underwriting rating of local fire departments that, in turn, drives home and business owner fire insurance rates with major insurance companies. Fire Departments are rated by ISO which directly impacts fire insurance rates charged to Granville area residents and businesses.

The current ISO rating for the Granville Fire Department is nine (9). Improvement in the ISO rating has the effect of lowering it. Expansion of the GFD firefighter capabilities along with the addition of essential equipment is expected to lower the ISO rating to six

(6) or lower which would have the effect of reducing Granville residents’ and businesses’ fire insurance premiums by 15-20%.

A community’s fire department ISO ratings are driven by several factors on a 100-point scale:

  • Emergency communications systems (10 points);
  • Firefighter capabilities, training & equipment (50 points);
  • Water supply (40 points); and
  • Community risk reduction (extra credit of up to 5.5 points.

“I am gratified by the steps being taken by our new Board to strengthen Granville Fire Department,” said Fire Chief Scott Nicholas. “Funds flowing from new member fees, grants and other donations will enable us to lower our ISO rating which will result in a lower cost of insurance for both Granville residents and businesses. The Board and I are most appreciative of Wildwood Resort and Marina for making a  significant commitment to Granville Fire Department including a 50% match grant which will go a long  way toward enabling us to achieve our goals and, hopefully, encourage others to contribute financially  as well.”

Essential equipment required to lower area insurance rates

The Board of Granville Fire Department has identified a list of essential equipment required to achieve a lower ISO rating that will effectively lower area fire insurance rates. These include various size fire hoses, nozzles, adaptors and clamps, a generator, a ladder, as well as a “turbo draft system” that will facilitate water access from Cordell Hull Lake.

A significant piece of equipment required is a replacement fire engine tanker with a 3,000-gallon water capacity. The current fire engine tanker only holds 1,000 gallons of water. “Our ability to deliver large quantities of water to the fire means everything in terms of the fire department’s ability to limit fire damage to homes and businesses and merits a large number of points on the ISO scale that drives community fire insurance rates,” said Nicholas.

Become a member of GFD today

To become a member, Granville area residents and businesses are encouraged to mail the $100 annual dues along with your name and address to:

Granville Co-op Fire Department

6754 Granville Hwy

Granville, TN 38564

The Granville Fire Department would like to double the number of members from 58 to 116 or more in the coming months.

Donations, member fees, government grants matched dollar for dollar

Donations of any amount can be mailed to the same address above. Member fees, donations and government grants will be matched dollar for dollar for essential equipment which means for every $1 donation to the Granville Fire Department, the department will receive $2, up to a total of $40,000.00.

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