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Tennessee Tech starts semester at the top of national rankings

CBJ Admin
Wednesday, Sep 12, 2012

Tennessee Tech.

COOKEVILLE – Affordability and broad offerings of academic programs have put Cookeville’s Tennessee Tech University at the top of national rankings once again.

U.S.News & World Report ranked TTU among the best regional universities in the South in its 2013 edition of Best Colleges, released Wednesday. Tennessee Tech is the highest-ranked public university in Tennessee on the list at No. 33.

TTU is at the top of the list of regional universities with students with the lightest debt load. Among graduates in the class of 2011, TTU grads had the lightest debt load in the Southeast, with only 47 percent having any debt at graduation. The average amount owed on private and government loans for a TTU graduate was less than $10,000, the second lowest average debt amount nationwide.

“Tennessee Tech is consistently recognized among the best universities in the South because we have smart, hard-working students making great achievements,” Philip Oldham, president of TTU, said. “We are dedicated to helping our students succeed in the classroom, engaging them in campus life so they enjoy the college experience, and ultimately helping them finish their degree. Our students have a tremendous work ethic, and given the opportunities they have to learn and grow at TTU, they graduate ready for their lives ahead.”

Last month, The Princeton Review named TTU in its list of Best Southeastern Colleges, making it the ninth year in a row for TTU to garner that recognition.

U.S.News has ranked TTU among the best regional universities 10 times since 2002. Regional universities provide a full range of undergraduate majors and master’s programs, but fewer doctoral programs than those categorized as national universities. The 625 regional universities are not ranked nationally, but only against peers in their geographic region.

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